October 13, 2016


Products below are available to purchase online. All prices are in New Zealand dollars and include gst. Interventions are detailed "How To Guides" and are available to download as soon as payment is complete. Interventions come in a 4 - 6 page PDF file giving a developmental and attachment based explanation for the issue, explaining why the issue exists from this framework and providing an attachment rich solution for reducing the frequency and intensity of the problem.

Angry Children

angry child boy

Anger is not a behaviour, but an emotion. How it gets expressed might be through behaviour, but the cause of the angry behaviour is always emotional. … More info

The Anxious Clingy Child

anxious sensitive boy

Children who are exhibiting anxious clingy behaviour can cause parents a lot of stress as they try to ‘get on with the day’ while avoiding an … More info

The Strong Willed Defiant Child

alpha girl2

What is a strong willed, defiant child? Dr Gordon Neufeld of the Neufeld Institute describes this child as an "Alpha Child".  Simply this … More info

Single Parenting

divorce and children

Parenting Alone A preventative intervention for single parenting. Single parenting can be a lonely, unappreciated road to travel.  Parents need … More info

Sleep Problems

transfered attachment teddy

Parents need sleep too! Children who won’t go to bed, and then won’t stay in bed, make exhausted parents. Most sleep solutions focus on only one cause … More info

Step Parenting & Attachment

family arguing fighting

This $10 intervention for parents covers issues such as Divorce, Step Parenting and Separation Trauma.  It is written by Ian & Kaye McKean who … More info