October 13, 2016

Developmental Resources

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Learning Resources for Sensory Challenged Children

We recommend "The Sensory Corner" for learning resources for children who have specific learning or development challenges.  This New Zealand site has … More info

Sleep Problems

transfered attachment teddy

Parents need sleep too! Children who won’t go to bed, and then won’t stay in bed, make exhausted parents. Most sleep solutions focus on only one cause … More info

Dr Dan Siegel and your child’s brain

child brain

Dr Dan Siegel, leading the world in neuropsychiatry has discovered  that much of what Bowlby and Ainsworth's attachment theories postulated actually … More info

Brains can keep growing

brain blue sml

Your brain is an amazing structure.  Consider this: your brain has over a billion neurons and all these neurons are connected by trillions of … More info

Temperament & Discipline


Appreciating your child’s uniqueness - Recognising difference Observe a group of children playing and you will see the following: some will be … More info

Fussy Eaters

fussy eater

Helping children at mealtimes  Mealtimes can be highly frustrating when your child refuses to eat your food, or eats only certain foods. Children … More info