February 23, 2018

Advice for Teachers

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The Aggressive Defiant Child

aggressive defiant

The Aggressive Defiant Child: A Free tutorial for Parents and Teachers The aggressive defiant child is a classic example of behaviour that really … More info

The Clingy Child and Childcare

Clingy child

Clingy Child? Helping your child adjust to childcare or Kindy. For many children when they first begin childcare, saying goodbye to Dad and Mum can … More info

The Highly Sensitive Child

Symptoms of a Highly Sensitive Child Highly sensitive children have a range of symptomatic behaviours.  Consider the following: Does your … More info

Strong Willed Child

The Strong Willed Child - Part 1 Winning the battle of wills If your child exhibits many of the following characteristics you probably have a strong … More info

Angry Children

Angry Children

Anger is not a behaviour, but an emotion. How it gets expressed might be through behaviour, but the cause of the angry behaviour is always emotional. … More info

Dr Dan Siegel and your child’s brain

Dr Dan Siegel, leading the world in neuropsychiatry has discovered  that much of what Bowlby and Ainsworth's attachment theories postulated actually … More info

Brains can keep growing

Your brain is an amazing structure.  Consider this: your brain has over a billion neurons and all these neurons are connected by trillions of … More info