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Attachment – the Key to Parenting

Attachment is the most important factor in parent-child relationships

Attachment relationships are not something formed once at birth and therefore live forever. Like any living relationship, they require ongoing, daily maintenance to ensure their strength, depth and vitality.  Due to this sensitive nature of the relationship they are therefore highly vulnerable to damage and insecurity and even more so in a childcare setting. Recent Neuroscience is demonstrating the critical importance of a strong, healthy parent – child attachment.  It’s something every parent should know and understand well.

Without a strong attachment, EVERY method you try will likely fail

Attachment is like the electricity that connects two parts. You have a desire for your child to change. Your child has a desire to feel safe, loved and happy. In order for both parties to get what they desire there needs to be a connection. And not just any connection! The connection needs to be warm, trusting and hierarchical. It’s MORE IMPORTANT for your child to feel the warmth, trust and hierarchy of the relationship than it is for you.

When it comes to behavior; it’s not how much you love your child, but how much your child loves you that counts. ~ Dr Gordon Neufeld

Attachment gives parents the right to instruct

Do you feel powerless to control or instruct your child? Does your child refuse and defy you? Do you experience constant battles of will? Are threats the only way you get obedience? If so, you are lacking the attachment power you need to influence your child. In other words, attachment is the key to a child WANTING to obey their parents, wanting to please, wanting to work together.

Attachment Tutorial

This 5 page tutorial will give you insights into healthy parent – child relationships (and is useful for teachers too). In addition, it will outline the main reasons these relationships become distressed.  The reasons for stress and strain are not as commonly understood as you might think.  Modern day “democratic” parenting styles, for example, have created “Alpha Children” – children who try to be in charge and boss their parents around.  Parent – child relationships are supposed to be lovingly hierarchical, not democratic!

Here’s how the attachment tutorial will help:

Want a better behaved child? Getting your relationship right empowers the parent and actually makes the child want to obey and defer to their parent!  Astounding yet true. This 5 page tutorial explains how this works and how to strengthen your parent-child relationship.

In this 5 page tutorial you will learn what good attachment does, the symptoms of a weak or poor attachment and 4 principles for building a stronger parent – child relationship.

Attachment is not just for babies – attachment is something all humans desire throughout our lives – to be physically and emotionally close to someone we can depend on!

You can purchase this tutorial for $15 US dollars.  It is available for immediate download by clicking the word “download” on the pop up window after payment.

Our guarantee: If this intervention does not meet your expectations and value for money we offer you a free, 30 minute telephone or skype consultation, and your money back.

  • If you prefer to understand attachment through DVD’s we recommend “Relationship Matters” available from our online shop also.
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