November 23, 2017

Teacher Workshops

Book us to run one of these professional development workshops in your Early Childhood Centre, Primary or secondary school or check our online calendar for upcoming dates.

Helping Children Grow Up

Grow Up! Mature! We often demand this of our children, but how can we cultivate it so that they actually do 'grow up' and mature into children we are … More info

The Teachability Factor

Teaching is getting harder, not easier. This despite the fact that teachers have never been more educated, technology has never been more advanced, … More info

Bullies: their making and unmaking

Dr. Neufeld's refreshing developmental analysis of bullies reveals instinctive roots embedded in the dynamics of attachment and the flight from … More info

Making Sense of Aggression

Aggression problems are deeply rooted in instinct and emotion and are therefore resistant to conventional discipline practices. Dr. Neufeld uncovers … More info

Making Sense of Counterwill

strong willed

The instinct to resist being controlled or coerced is one of the most perplexing and troublesome dynamics in dealing with children and youth. This … More info

Making Sense of Attention Problems

Angry Children

There are many kinds of attention problems – most rooted in emotional and developmental dynamics. Many professionals diagnosing attention problems are … More info

Neufeld Institute Workshops

We offer the following Neufeld Institute Workshops under licence from the Neufeld Institute, Vancouver, Canada. The Neufeld Institute was founded on … More info