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Helping Children Grow Up

Father carrying boy on shoulders at beach
Father carrying boy on shoulders at beach

Grow Up! Mature!

We often demand this of our children, but how can we cultivate it so that they actually do ‘grow up’ and mature into children we are proud of? Have you ever wanted the definitive answer to this age old question: “How can I help my child grow up?”  Many parents ask this question while pulling their hair out in frustration at their child’s seemingly slow maturation.  We all recognise that growing older is no guarantee of growing up! 

Childhood is when most of the growing up should occur, but we need to know how to ‘cultivate’ our child (just like a plant) so that the maturing process happens.

This 8 week workshop developed by Dr Gordon Neufeld, gives parents the scientific and developmental answers and sheds light on the adult’s role in the miracle of maturation. The course is suitable for parents, teachers, social and community workers etc.

Course Outline and Full Description

If you would like this workshop run in your specific education or community group, please contact us to discuss.

A sample of Dr. Neufeld’s work:

Course Outline

The videocourse is divided into eight one-hour sessions. Details on the Neufeld Institute website here.

Course Facilitator

Kaye McKean

 To inquire about running a workshop in your location or booking a workshop in one of our locations, please fill in our inquiry form.

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