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Common Childhood Challenges

Part III of the Power to Parent series focuses on the typical challenges of parenting. Every child gets stuck from time to time on the road to maturation. Dr. Neufeld helps equip parents to read the signs of a child in trouble, live with a sensitive child, cultivate resilience in a child, lead an alpha child, soften a defended child, discipline a stuck child, and more. Dr. Neufeld offers effective and safe practices that honour and preserve the relationship, even when the problems seem daunting. Dr. Neufeld has had exceptional success as a parent consultant, working with thousands of families over the years. In this three-part series, he shares the insights and understandings that have changed the ways of countless of parents to the benefit of thousands of children.

The goal is to restore parents to their natural intuition recognising that what parents need is insight, not skill, natural power, not manipulative tricks

For a full course description see this link to the Neufeld Institute.

Registration Details

The tuition fee for taking Common Challenges (Power to Parent III) through live DVD course facilitation is $250.

Course Facilitator

Kaye McKean

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