February 23, 2018

Parenting Videos

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Controlling my emotions. Parent Rule #3

Now that you have rule 1 & 2 understood, you're ready for some specific ideas about what children need most to thrive and how to parent from the … More info

Parent Rule #2: I can’t grow my child!

grow my child

Parent Rule #2: I can't grow my child! What a lesson to learn!  As parents we are dedicated to helping our child grow and mature and achieve their … More info

Energy is my number 1 resource. Parent Rule #1

Got a parenting problem? Welcome to the club! All parents face challenges they never imagined while expecting their first child.  Parenting is not … More info

The Highly Sensitive Child

Symptoms of a Highly Sensitive Child Highly sensitive children have a range of symptomatic behaviours.  Consider the following: Does your … More info

Strong Willed Child

The Strong Willed Child - Part 1 Winning the battle of wills If your child exhibits many of the following characteristics you probably have a strong … More info

Anxious Clingy Children and Rest


Why do children need rest? And if it's so important, how can I provide it?  What is happening in society today that is creating restless children? … More info

Discipline That Works

There are 4 Golden keys to parenting and having well behaved children.  This short video clip is a visual summary of  a 2 hour workshop that Parents … More info