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Marriage Hassles: how to build closeness as a couple

I want a happy marriage!

What causes marriage hassles and how can I improve my relationship with my spouse? Yes, there actually is a science to relationships!
Based on the best scientifically validated research, this slide show, below, presents in a user friendly manner, the real and false causes of relationship stress and proposes a successful cure.


Marriage Counseling that fails

Sadly, many forms of relationship counseling actually do more harm than good. This means that desperate families, who spend time trying to save their marriage are actually harmed by doing so. So when choosing a couples therapist, it’s essential that you chose an expert who is trained in a modality that actually is proven to work.

What’s the difference between a marriage therapist and a counselor?

Essentially, in every day language, counselors are trained to simply listen and help you solve the problem yourself.  Therapists, on the other hand, are trained to identify patterns, bring insight, and develop a plan of action and change with you.  They are generally more highly trained and specialized and statistically have a higher success rate.

Marriage Counseling that works

If you’re wanting couples therapy / counseling, we highly recommend “Emotionally Focused Therapy” as the best and most highly validated and successful therapy approach.  Be sure when you search for marriage therapists you use a therapist well trained in Emotionally Focused Therapy.

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