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At Parents Partner, we understand that parenting is a defining moment in any adults life. As such it involves a whole range of emotions – intense love, disappointment, joy and satisfaction, frustration.

  • How do couples maintain a healthy relationship when there are so many demands on their time?
  • How do you spend quality time with your child when you come home from work exhausted?
  • How can I find time to refuel my own life when I have work needs, partner needs and kid’s need to take care of?

Yet in spite of these conflicting emotions we also know parents want their children to be their very best. No one comes home from the hospital after the birth of a child to announce a “loser” has just been born into their family. No way! With the birth of a child parents rightly expect great things from their precious gift. That’s why we count it a sacred responsibility to support parents in providing the most nurturing environment for their child to make the world a happier place.

The Parents Partner Team

Developmental and Attachment Based Approach:

To help parents create and maintain greater love and health in their relationship with each other and their child, we have developed a developmental and attachment based approach based on neuroscience and developmental psychology.  Our approach focuses on three key processes:

HOPE – parents need to be encouraged about the possibilities for their family. There is an answer, there is a better way, there is a brighter future . . . When we have an expectation that the future will be good, we have hope.

HEART – cultivating positive emotions is a key quality of strong and healthy relationships. Nurturing love is a heart touching another heart. Heart is all about building strong emotional connections within the family.

HELP – in the real world things break down, accidents happens, things go stale. Information and ideas provide resources to recharge the family environment. A new idea or insight can be the help that opens a new opportunity when faced with a challenging situation.

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