February 23, 2018

Discipline Resources

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Toilet Training

Toilet training! It’s a wonderful parenting milestone when, after changing thousands of dirty nappies, you have successfully completed toilet … More info

I’m the boss! Understanding why a child wants to be in control


Who's the Boss? Three year old Sam’s parents, Tim and Mary, are confused and frustrated:  “Every time we ask him to do something he looks at us in … More info

Parent Workshop ‘The Vital Connection’

The Vital Connection Parent Workshop This 8 week parent workshop has been developed by internationally renowned developmental psychologist Dr. … More info

Discipline Insights for Parents

It’s not how much I love my child that matters . . . What really matters is how much my child loves me! In spite of the attention our media … More info

Sleep Problems

Sleep problems

  Save … More info

Discipline That Works

There are 4 Golden keys to parenting and having well behaved children.  This short video clip is a visual summary of  a 2 hour workshop that Parents … More info

Ways to Discipline


Parenting would be easy if only children cooperated and behaved appropriately! In the real world though, children need guidance and discipline to … More info