November 23, 2017

Parenting Skills

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I’m the boss! Understanding why a child wants to be in control

strong willed

Who's the Boss? Three year old Sam’s parents, Tim and Mary, are confused and frustrated:  “Every time we ask him to do something he looks at us in … More info

Helping Children Grow Up

Grow Up! Mature! We often demand this of our children, but how can we cultivate it so that they actually do 'grow up' and mature into children we are … More info

Common Childhood Challenges

Part III of the Power to Parent series focuses on the typical challenges of parenting. Every child gets stuck from time to time on the road to … More info

Discipline Insights for Parents

It’s not how much I love my child that matters . . . What really matters is how much my child loves me! In spite of the attention our media … More info

Your Child’s Self Esteem

Children's self esteem

Your child’s energy bank account Your child’s behaviour is a good indicator of their energy bank account level. If their behaviour is appropriate, … More info

Parenting Energy

We live in a time of massive change and these changes are impacting our families. In a world of TV and radio it was relatively easy to stay connected … More info

Temperament & Discipline

Appreciating your child’s uniqueness - Recognising difference Observe a group of children playing and you will see the following: some will be … More info