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Calming my Angry Child

My Angry child

When I see an angry child, I see a behaviour. But the solution to this behaviour is to realise that anger is not a behaviour, but an emotion! So if we approach angry children with a behavioural methodology we might do more harm than good! How anger gets expressed might be through behaviour, but the cause of the angry behaviour is always emotional. It makes sense then that in order to change the behaviour you first must change the emotion! This is the most common error that parents and teachers make in trying to reduce aggression, anger and frustration in children.

Anger is not a behavior, it is an emotion.

As parents or teachers we need to hear the feelings of fear, despair or danger that the anger hides, because only when a child feels safe can they think clearly and act right. It’s really important to understand this insight because it’s treating the emotion, not the behaviour, where success will be found. When a child is upset they can’t be influenced by reason; they can only respond to emotional care.   We can show you how to do this.

Understanding Aggression: a treatment intervention for Angry Children

Do parents or teachers always like what they see in their children? Few kids are the model of perfection ( I haven’t met any yet, but their may be one or two!) and kids do things that make us disappointed or uncomfortable. The angry child is a good example. How do you change an angry, aggressive child into a cooperative child?

This intervention outlines the developmental and attachment based causes of aggression. Once we can see the aggressive child correctly, we gain a much better understanding of how to deal with it. The intervention outlines specific attitudes and behaviours for parents and caregivers to reduce the intensity and frequency of anger in children, from the inside out. All our interventions are attachment rich and are not based on behavioural or cognitive psychology and therefore offer parents a real alternative to the most common answers. We value the relationship between parent and child and teacher and child above all, and our interventions reflect this.

What you will receive:

When you buy this “Angry Child” package you get four PDF files:

  1. Angry Child Booklet
  2. Angry Child Review
  3. Aggression Insight Sheet
  4. Angry Children Intervention

Our guarantee: If this intervention does not meet your expectations and value for money we offer you a free, 30 minute telephone or skype consultation, and your money back.

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