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Spiritual Energy

“He who has a why to live can live with any how”

While people have a difficult time trying to define, let alone live, a unified spirituality it doesn’t deny that humans are spiritual beings. Each of us has our own way how we like to express this spiritual dimension. Whether our spirituality preference is private or corporate it nevertheless is an important energy source.

When we connect to a purpose beyond ourselves it becomes a catalyst for our motivation, direction and meaning. Here lies the true source of our passion and commitment that results in powerful action.

Here are some insights into how to tap this energy source:

  1. Take time for stillness each day. It’s in quiet times of reflection that we find our authentic voice in life. If you are constantly busy you will find you spend too much time making a living rather than making a life. It’s a recipe for later regrets: chasing things that in the end didn’t really matter.
  2. Live a life of character. Stephen Covey’s book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, describes a major shift in American culture from one of character to one of image. Currently Wall St. upheavals are the fruit of such a shift! Being honest, even if it means financial loss, being loyal, being caring, being reliable, being committed . . . these are the ‘muscles’ that fire spiritual energy. To ignore or short circuit them is to ultimately cheat yourself.
  3. You are here for a purpose. Imagine you can fast forward your life to the last moment. Turn around and look at your whole life’s journey. What is it that you’d like to see? What footprint would you like to see that you created? Now live your life each day to create that footprint.
  4. Children are sacred. We all have to be alarmed at the crimes committed against children. The birth of a child is not a mechanical event. If you have ever witnessed the first breath a child takes you have witnessed a sacred moment. As a society we need to recapture that sense of sacredness in our children.
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