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Parent Rule #2: I can’t grow my child!

lion cubParent Rule #2:

I can’t grow my child!

What a lesson to learn!  As parents we are dedicated to helping our child grow and mature and achieve their very best. So is it really true that I can’t grow my child? And if so, what then is my role as a parent?  What am I supposed to do?  It’s a good question, because if you think you can grow your child, and you can’t, then you’re spending a lot of energy trying to do the impossible!  What is more, you’re focused on the wrong role and goal for your parenting.  So what can and should parents be doing? And why can’t we ‘grow’ our children?  Watch this short clip about parents real job: creating an environment where your child can flourish.  Parents can’t grow their children, but they can create environments where it’s easy for their children to grow. This concept is empowering for parents as it helps us focus on the things we should be doing rather than putting energy, time and worry into the things that won’t make any difference at all!

This is our second parent rule in a series of 12 rules for parenting. Check out our sweet youtube clip:



Helping Children Grow Up workshop

If you’d like to know more about how to help your child mature naturally and how to optimise their growing environment check out our workshop entitled “Helping Children Grow Up”

The importance of Rest when helping your child grow

You may also like to consider the importance of “REST” in helping a child mature.  If you are creating an environment where your child has to work for your love and approval then this can significantly slow down the growing process.  Check out this short video on the importance of psychological rest in a child’s life.

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