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Making Sense of Aggression

Aggression is one of the oldest and most challenging of human problems and indications are, that in children at least, it is on the rise. What tends to grab our attention is the more violating acts of aggression but what is truly alarming is the ground swell of attacking energy within and between our kids that erupts in their interaction, their music, their language, their play, their games and their fantasies. It is the rare parent or teacher that does not encounter aggression in one form or another, be it tantrums, tempers, fits, abrasiveness, abusive language, rude gestures, hostility, racism, taunts, put-downs, bullying, fighting, shaming, belittling, name calling, vicarious enjoyment of violence or the self-attacking forms of self-deprecation, death wishes and self-harm. It is a sobering reality that the kids who fail to grow out of aggression by school age will most likely bring their problem into adulthood, unless the underlying dynamics are addressed.

Aggression problems are deeply rooted in instinct and emotion and are therefore resistant to conventional discipline practices. Dr. Neufeld uncovers these roots and outlines steps to addressing them. His rich professional experience with aggressive children and violent youth informs this refreshing approach to an age-old problem. The principles apply to children of all ages and all settings: home, school and treatment.

Course Description

For a full course description and outline please see this link to the Neufeld Institute Website.


This material has broad application and is suitable for all those involved with children and youth. This aggression courses is taken by teachers, psychologists, counselors, psychiatrists, social workers, family physicians, school principals, probation officers, foster parents, community nurses, therapists and family workers. Parents will find the material invaluable and taking this course when their children are toddlers and preschoolers can head off significant problems. This material has been in demand in educational circles for professional development as well as to help administrators and boards gain some perspective on this escalating problem. It has also been much requested for communities for educating all those involved with aggression and violence, from police and probation officers to counselors and day-care workers.

Registration Details

The tuition fee for taking Making Sense of Aggression is $150 per person.

A minimum of 10 persons are required for the course to go ahead. This course is generally offered to organisations who make a booking for their team / staff / organisation.

Course Coordinator

Kaye McKean

NOTE: This course can be presented live or can be facilitated as an onsite DVD and discussion course.

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