Single Parenting


Supportive advice for single parenting.

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This 3 page article describes the most important evidence based information that single parents need to know to keep the joy and connection alive and well with their children. Getting these foundations right will help to protect your family from the negative outcomes so often associated with single parent homes.



Single Parenting is more and more common these days and that’s why single parents need the very best advice to help them on this challenging journey.  Children raised in single parent homes are statistically over represented in social concern statistics, while single parents are over represented as feeling anxious, overwhelmed, stressed and depressed.  That’s not good news if you’re a single parent!

So does this mean single parents are at greater risk of experiencing less than optimal wellbeing? Research findings would suggest yes. But lets ‘unpack’ the research to hear what it is really saying. Single parenting can be a lonely, unappreciated road to travel.  Parents need the same skills whether they parent alone, or as a couple. But single parenting does have some added challenges.

This 3 page intervention highlights the most important things single parents need to do and know for both themselves and the children in their care.  Getting these fundamentals right will help to ensure that your family is not a part of the negative statistics.

Our guarantee: If this intervention does not meet your expectations and value for money we offer you a free, 30 minute telephone or skype consultation, and your money back.

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Children from single parent homes often become Alpha children and this can add to the single parent’s daily struggles.

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