October 13, 2016

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Childcare advantages and disadvantages

Childcare or homecare?

Is childcare good or bad for my child? We often get asked questions like: is childcare good for my child's socialisation? What harm could … More info

Emergency Survival Kit

first aid

Emergency Survival Kit Checklist An Emergency Survival kit is what you need if disaster strikes at home and you have to manage on your own at home … More info

Common Childhood Challenges

anxious sensitive boy

Part III of the Power to Parent series focuses on the typical challenges of parenting. Every child gets stuck from time to time on the road to … More info

Angry Children

angry child boy

Anger is not a behaviour, but an emotion. How it gets expressed might be through behaviour, but the cause of the angry behaviour is always emotional. … More info

The Anxious Clingy Child

anxious sensitive boy

Children who are exhibiting anxious clingy behaviour can cause parents a lot of stress as they try to ‘get on with the day’ while avoiding an … More info

The Strong Willed Defiant Child

alpha girl2

What is a strong willed, defiant child? Dr Gordon Neufeld of the Neufeld Institute describes this child as an "Alpha Child".  Simply this … More info