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We live in a time of massive change and these changes are impacting our families. In a world of TV and radio it was relatively easy to stay connected with each other. But in a world with Blackberries, iphones, ipods, the internet, Playstations… there are far more options to distract us in our family life.

To compound matters, most of our parenting theories were developed for a world that no longer exists. Families need new models for staying connected with each other. That’s why we believe parents today need a compass rather than a detailed set of prescriptions. A compass identifies principles that guide the way.

Parents need four principles to help raise children who thrive:

  • ENERGY is your most important resource
  • CONNECTION is your most important focus
  • Enriching your child’s ENVIRONMENT is your most important task
  • Understanding your child’s DANCE (how they move and feel) is your most important change strategy

Our resources and workshops teach these four principles so people have the capacity to meet their parenting challenges in a more conscious, strategic and intentional way.

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