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Soiling Pants

Soiling Pants: what to do when it becomes a bad habit

Parents are often reluctant to seek advice when their child is having bowel motion challenges.  But regularly pooing / soiling pants can be frustrating, dirty and annoying for parents.  There are different reasons why your child may be soiling their pants.  This free tutorial brochure may help give you some advice as to where to go from here. This tutorial will help you discover the 6 key reasons children soil their pants – from the every day reasons to the very serious. The key points are summarised below and are found in more detail in the PDF tutorial.

It’s not unusual for kids to soil / poo their pants after they are potty trained. The following are some reasons why it might occur:
  1. The child has a medical condition that leads to the soiling
  2. Some children become so preoccupied with their activity they forget they need to go to the toilet until it’s too late.
  3. Some children have a new toilet phobia.
  4. Most older kids who soil their pants have one thing in common – at an earlier age they have experienced pain while doing poo. It’s called encopresis…
  5. Another cause can be when a child is feeling anxious . . .
  6. It can be a symptom of trauma from sexual abuse . . .

Our PDF outlines 4 steps to identifying which cause it is that specifically relates to your child and gives advice and an action plan for parents and teachers to overcoming this emotionally challenging situation.

Click here to download our intervention:Soiling pants

Soiling pants intervention

Sometimes anxiety is the cause of these kind of accidents. If you suspect your child may be suffering from anxiety, check out our anxiety intervention.

One further point. It is very important that this child is not shamed, ridiculed or criticised! While such a parental response is understandable because you are frustrated, a shaming approach won’t work! On the contrary, it may well increase the problem!

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