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Teacher-Parent Partnerships

The art of building close relationships with parents.

How can a teacher build meaningful relationships with parents when all too often the parents are in a hurry, and as a teacher your energy is low because you have been giving out so much all day? It’s real easy to find your communication with parents becomes superficial and cliche: “Hello, how are you? Good . . . How was Johnny today? . . . Good”

Parent-Teacher Partnerships is about creating a close teacher-parent relationship, because that’s one of the most important aspects of being a teacher. Lone rangers either burn out or rust out. Both are bad for teacher and child. Partnership is about becoming aware of what it takes to create and maintain a strong relationship with your children’s parents. It’s knowing how to use your energy and ideas to build meaningful connections with parents.

At this workshop you’ll gain:

  • Insight: recognise the art of building a bond with your children’s parents
  • Awareness: of how you can increase your energy resources
  • Confidence: learn how to tune into and respond to your parent’s needs
  • Ideas: how to give parents feedback so your conversation goes beyond the superficial
  • Understanding: learn how your communication with parents builds strong bonds

This is a one and a half hour workshop. It will be practical and experiential. Click ‘book now’ for an obligation free discussion about how this workshop may work for you and your teachers.

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