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What creates teachability in children?

Rediscover the power of teacher-child relationships. The word ‘educate’ means to draw out. Pedagogy has historically been relational. Could the contemporary educational focus on action plans, processes, strategies, learning objectives, desirable outcomes, results, distracted teachers from the core essence of learning? True education is not simply a transference of information. it is best defined as an experience between teacher and student. Teaching only has meaning in relationship. A failure to understand relationship will produce a deficient teaching environment where neither teacher nor student are optimised. The understanding of relationship is what creates great teaching.

Workshop participants will learn:

  1. The problem: Identifying the ‘stuck’ student
  2. The insight: Why do some students get ‘stuck’? A psychological perspective.
  3. The medicine: Knowing how to turn the desire to be bad into the impulse to be good.
  4. Understanding: what enhances student teachability and realising that this same process helps teachers avoid burnout, maintain teacher satisfaction and optimise their student’s learning and personal potential.

This is a 3 hour interactive or 60 minute lecture style workshop.

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