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Emotionally Connected TEAMS

Creating a team involves many factors:

  • Knowing how to work together
  • Having a common purpose for working together
  • Having clear roles about where I fit into the team
  • Having a leader who keeps us on track and motivated
  • Knowing the right steps to get the work done
  • Resolving differences
  • Successfully facing challenges

While all these factors or ingredients are important for building a great team, they do lack the most important thing: HEART. Without heart people simply become machines who are programmed to perform tasks. Like a computer program (software) is designed to do a specific task we often try to program people in a similar manner. This is done by taking information from one source (usually a learning curriculum or policy guideline) and hope it will ‘program’ a person’s mind. There is then the expectation that the organisation will get lucky and the person will use the learning in their role within the organisation. But people aren’t machines that can be programmed. People are more than key boards, computer screens and mouses to do tasks. They have brains and emotions that interact to cause life.

To ignore, within a team context, the thinking and feeling aspect of being human is to really set the team up for frustration and manipulation. That’s because if your brain and emotions are not acknowledged, honoured and respect, you’ll quickly become part of some other person’s plans and personal goals. And then you’ll go home feeling frustrated, irritable, angry and de-motivated. People are organic; they are living systems, not static, lifeless machines. When a team simply becomes a task driven operation it results in a significant loss in morale, personal involvement and a sense of meaningful contribution.

That’s why people leave organisations, or run on one or two cylinders, when they could run on 6 or 8! Our workshop then is about how to humanise teams. How to tap into the soul and spirit of each individual team member so their life and vitality can flow unhindered into the life of the team. It’s only then that teams really achieve successful goals and purposes. When people emotionally connect they work together in harmonious and creative ways.

This is a two hour interactive workshop. Can be held in your education setting after work or during the day at an alternative venue.

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