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The Challenging Child

Understanding misbehaviour and knowing how to change it!

Did you know that there are so many Kiwi kids whose misbehaviour is so extreme that our governments spends about $70 million dollars a year trying to find a cure for it! Why is this so, and why is the problem getting bigger each year? This four part series will help teachers gain insights into why a child misbehaves and what to do to change the misbehaviour into cooperation. Teachers need new awareness and ideas to effectively change problem behaviour.

These workshops (or the one day intensive) present the most up to date research for understanding and changing misbehaviour. The workshops are sequential and on the completion of stage 4 teachers will receive a certification in Child Behavioural Management. This will be a valuable recognition of their professional learning in this important area and add to their value as a teacher.

Who should attend?

For all teachers, especially those wanting to gain a deeper psychological understanding of children

What you’ll learn:

Stage1: Assessment and intervention

  • Understand why children misbehave the way they do
  • Learn how to assess behaviour: making the right assessment is crucial
  • Discover they key insight for changing how a child behaves

Stage 2: The Aggressive Child

  • Why do some kids get stuck in aggression?
  • What’s happening in this child’s brain?
  • What you should do and what you definitely should not do to change this behaviour – you may be surprised!

Stage 3: The Alpha Child

  • The Alpha Child wants to be boss, number one, in charge
  • Discover what drives this child to want to be in charge of teachers, parents and other kids
  • Become aware of the bully syndrome
  • Learn how to successfully address Alpha problems and to regain your leadership with this child

Stage 4: Making Sense of misbehaviour

  • Develop a ‘map’ of why misbehaviour occurs
  • Understand the pattern behind misbehaviour and be able to identify each pattern
  • Learn how to put all the pieces of misbehaviour together to make sense of the puzzle
  • Receive an intervention manual with all the ‘how-to’s’

This is a four stage learning process and each stage must be done sequentially. On completion teachers receive a certification in Child Behaviour Management.

Workshop Information:

Time & Location: after work in your education setting for 4 x 2 hour workshops OR at an alternative location for a full day intensive

Presenter: Ian McKean

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