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What Children Need to Thrive

Developmental psychology and neuroscicene research are showing children need two things to thrive: a soft heart and the right relationship. Both are important aspects of attachment. This one day intensive will give leaders an overview of attachment & developmental theories and why their understanding is so vital for those who care for and teach children. Providing explanations for misbehaviour from shyness and clinginess to aggression and bullying, this workshop will show why children can’t thrive until they feel securely attached. This workshop will give you the tools and insights to evaluate the level of quality care in your school or centre from the perspective of a child’s needs and will give you ideas for how to grow teachable, engaged and socially responsible children. Thrive

Who should attend?

This intensive professional development workshop is a full day seminar and is most suitable for Centre Directors, Senior teachers, Guidance Counsellors, Deans, or those teaching particularly difficult, troubled or tuned out children. It is also highly beneficial for classroom teachers who want a greater understanding of why modern pedagogy doesn’t work for so many children and what they can do about it.

What you’ll learn:

  • 4 key developmental milestones children must reach before they will be teachable and co-operative
  • Key reasons why so many of today’s children have not reached these milestones
  • The trouble with our modern pedagogy: it was developed for children who are an increasing minority in today’s world
  • What attachment is and why it’s important: what is the research saying?
  • What happens when children don’t attach – understand the link between attachment, insecurity, behaviour and learning
  • What are the special challenges early childhood centres face (or will taylor make for primary teachers) and how they can be successfully resolved

Workshop Information:

Time: 9:30 – 3:30

Location: as per specific request or at our venue in Milford, North Shore

Presenter: Kaye McKean

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